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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Spanakopita! (Greek for spinach overdose)

I'm on winter break, and not a minute too soon; this semester has been very difficult. So, to get back into cooking today, I tried my phyllo dough skillz with a new spanakopita recipe--and I learned things I never knew about spinach. Apparently, bunched spinach has an enormous amount of dirt in it. A casual rinse is never enough to clean bunched spinach. It is, however, significantly cheaper than pre-stemmed spinach, but that cost is transferred to the difficulty of stemming tons of spinach by hand. Eight servings of spanakopita required seven huge bunches of spinach, which yielded such an enormous volume of leaves that Peter's huge 'rondo' pan couldn't hold all the spinach even when heaped to overflowing twice. And within a few minutes of reducing, the massive mountain of spinach reduced to something that would fill two pint glasses. Each of the individual servings of spanakopita contained nearly a whole bunch of spinach's worth of leaves. And best of all, whether it was the eggs or that unpronounceable Greek cheese, the spanakopita didn't leave that gritty feel on my teeth. I'll have to try this recipe again a few times; I've developed quite a taste for spanakopita since I discovered some really good spanakopita at a little Greek restaurant in San Francisco. Now, as usual, it is my mission to reverse-engineer the recipe. Now, off to ponder the intricacies of making phyllo dough wrapped spinach pies. . .


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