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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Quotables: You can't say 'Bambi' without 'Bam!'

BambiSo, lately, Pete's been mastering the skills of sauce making at the culinary academy, and raving about how good they are and all the nuances of the classic sauces of French cuisine. (Having tasted some of Pete's sauces, I must admit there's much to rave about a worthy sauce!) Well, he was bored this afternoon after school, and decided to rent a whole mess of Japanese animated films by Hayao Miazaki, the director/writer of Princes Mononoke. The first film in this set was Nausicaa, (which was quite good, IMHO). But, as the film was distributed by Disney, they had a whole mess of previews for new releases on DVD. . . but I digress. . .

One of the previews was for Bambi, digitally remastered for DVD. But to my utter surprise (well, not really, knowing Pete), as soon as the announcer declared "the Disney classic, Bambi, now on DVD! Pete hit the fast-forward key, saying with disappointment,
   "Bambi on DVD?! I don't want Bambi on DVD; I want Bambi on a plate . . . covered in sauce!"


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