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Berkana signifies rebirth and new beginnings; I have found these in Jesus Christ.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Ferry Building Marketplace

This past few days has been quite a culinary adventure for me. I went with James and Peter to the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco, which was once dilapidated, but has since been restored and turned into an artisan food center. The finest olive oils, great wines, rare mushrooms and truffles, excellent cheeses, the finest beef, freshest seafood, caviar, world class coffee and tea, and organic heirloom veggies and fruits were all on display (often with free samples!) in its cool, spaceous, softly sun-lit hall. We enjoyed freshly made potato chips, and tasted fresh oysters for the first time at the Hog Island Oyster Company oyster bar. (If any of you non-Bay-area guys ever get a chance to try their broiled "oysters casino" and "oysters rockafeller" upon visiting the Bay Area, don't pass it up. Seriously delicious.) The raw oysters are somewhat of an acquired taste, but that was easy to acquire, especially with such fresh variety of oysters and nice condiments. (They have the texture of a nice custard. It's hard to describe.)

Just two days before that, Peter took me to the orientation at the California Culinary Academy, where we were served a delicious lunch by the students there. His classes start this Monday. We're still hoping to open that Christian themed restaurant when he's done with culinary training. Right now, I'm just really glad God declared all foods clean, and that he equiped us with taste buds.

However, in total contrast to that, James and I saw Super Size Me. I can't do justice to that film here. It was excellent. Go watch it, and you'll probably never eat junk fast food again. (Especially after having acccess to real food and nice markets around. No wonder the Burger King in Berkeley went out of business.)


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